2.IT project management

Enabling technologies

We work in project teams with the purpose goal of allowing our clients to reach the improvement goals targets tied to the introduction of digital tools that support organizational processes.

Our services grant complete support to every different phase of the project; they are characterized by a highly operative approach, with a focus on the organizational context and on the different features of the involved stakeholders. We also offer continuative support for the Project Management Office activities, in addition to playing specific roles when required, such as Project Planner.

Make things happen. More than a slogan, this sentence represents exactly what we do, stimulating and facilitating a constant and constructive dialogue between the final users of the technology and the other project stakeholders (vendor, system integrator, sponsor etc.)

Our consultants, many of whom hold possessing a certificate Certification in the Project Management field, are deployed to on project activities with different levels of complexity, even in international environments; they operate by easily and flexibly integrating within the organizational contexts of our clients.


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