5.Talent assessment and development

Evolving organizations

We have always taken care of people and their development within organizations.

In partnership with HOGAN, world leader in personality studies aimed at evaluating professional performance potential, we submit and correct tests and psychometric reports that answer every talent selection and development necessity an organization may have. 

After defining a Competence Model, that represents the winning behaviors of the organization, we analyze the potential of the human resources employed in the company, in order to place every individual in the “right” spot, based on each person’s characteristics and the strategic and organizational goals of the company.

We design growth paths that make each individual feel at the center of the project and allow that person to fulfill its potential in the different phases of company development.

We do it by applying very strict methodological techniques, with the support of instruments that are the result of more than 30 years of scientific research and therefore possess a high degree of predictability. We also take advantage of our experience and sensibility, strongly convinced that only the union of technique and deep knowledge of people and of the company can allow an effective organizational configuration and an optimal people placement within the company.

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