Digital & Change

Today, more than ever before, there is wide recognition that digital disruption and change management are inevitable and deeply interwoven. Crabiz, who has always focused on helping people grow and fostering

organizational development through IT, aims to offer a full support to companies that are about to start change projects enabled by digital technologies, leveraging people capabilities and organization values.

Change management projects

  • Preliminary assessment on organization and people
  • Evaluation of change triggers
  • Change readiness grid®
  • Planning and management of change process through Kotter’s 8 steps model
  • Support in communicating and executing change actions
  • Outcome analysis and feed backs for continuous improvement

Consulting for process digitization and Industry 4.0

  • Analysis for developing a digital strategy
  • Technology and manufacturing assessment
  • Plan organization wide transition to an Industry 4.0 model through pilots
  • Prepare and evaluate Investment plans for access to government grants
  • Perform vendor/partner selection
  • Support in day to day execution and control

Business Cases

Discover contents and metrics on the most important Crabiz projects