Training Projects

We manage and deliver complex training projects for medium and large enterprises. We have a strong expertise on the two top ERP platforms, SAP and ORACLE, and on the most popular PLM and CRM software. Our flexibility and fast learning curve have

allowed us to successfully deliver training classes on many different software tools. An hands-on training approach guarantees a quick and effective knowledge transfer to the users, thus maximizing the training projects Return On Investment.


Crabiz consultants and trainers are involved in the project a few weeks in advance of the training planned start date in order to work on a few activies which are usually crucial for the overall training project success

  • Systems and training needs analysis by role and function
  • Meeting with Key Users to discuss business requirements and specific needs
  • Training material preparation, revision and approval
  • Exercise and data set preparation
  • Support to HR department for training schedule planning and logistics


The training delivery is managed with an hands-on approach, frequent use of live demonstration and always encouraging trainer-participant interaction, with the ultimate goal of maximizing the value of the class experience for users

  • Multi-language training delivery, both in presence, blended, and distance
  • Live system usage demonstration through examples of real business cases
  • Participants’ feeback collection and analysis
  • Technical and functional open points collection and discussion with project team

Post go live support

The Crabiz team is often engaged for post go-live users support actvities, with the goal of ramping up users productivity and fostering system adoption

  • Continuous on the job user support on systems utilization
  • Identification of critical issues on procedures, discussion and communication of solutions
  • Continuous communication with system integrator to plan debug and improvement activities
  • Focused training refresh classes

Business Cases

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