1.IT training projects

Enabling technologies

Increasing the level of adoption and making technologies usable in daily operative activities is our goal. Based on that, we design and realize training projects on software and IT solutions in medium to large companies. 

Our training construction approach distinguish itself is characterized for a creation “from scratch”, centered around the specific needs of the client organization, identified researched through an analysis of the organizational processes impacted from the new IT solutions and based on how the stakeholders’ work line will evolve consequently to the adoption of the new system.

We are focused on users and not on technology: our training projects are built on organizational “roles”, not on modules, with an eye to on the work processes in which the systems are implemented. We bring on conclude our activities with a Change Management mindset overview, whose quality is guaranteed by our multi-year collaboration with Assochange.

We start from the analysis/revision of the Business BluePrint and, through a thorough discussion with the Key Users, we prepare the material for a practical and innovative training, comprehensive of tests and exercises exercitations.

We conclude our projects with a post go live support activity, which completes the change process, assisting “on the field” operators in order to favor an optimal adoption of the chosen IT solution.

We have completed training projects on all of the main ERM, CRM and PLM platforms, as well as on custom systems. However, since we are not linked to a specific vendor, we offer the highest degree of independence and flexibility.

Some software we have worked on

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